Unlocking the Potential of Organic Social Sharing at How To Web: Engaging Attendees and Speakers

3 min readNov 13, 2023


In the ever-evolving world of business events and conferences, the challenge of attracting attendees can often feel like a Herculean task. 80% of professionals believe that networking is crucial for their careers, so companies are looking for easier and more innovative ways to plan events that grab people’s interest and help them connect.

By harnessing the power of organic social sharing tools, companies can not only attract more attendees but also create meaningful connections that leave a lasting impact. One client, How To Web, the leading startup & innovation conference in Eastern Europe, continuously expands year after year by using innovative strategies. Their marketing team strives for ways to boost their exposure in the regional tech industry so they used SoSha to tap into the vast networks of trusted messengers, primarily their former attendees and speakers.

“To raise awareness beyond your local target — in our case, Romania, you usually need to focus more on paid strategies, and therefore stretch your marketing budget” explained Andreea Nicolae, the Marketing Communications Manager at How to Web. “This is a continuous challenge for us so we decided to add a focus on organic tools to drive growth.” SoSha’s toolkits provided a solution by enabling the team to effortlessly generate pre-made, shareable post drafts for the How to Web community.

Event coordinators used SoSha’s intuitive platform and AI-powered writing assistant to create individual toolkits with draft shareable posts tailored to speakers, mentors, startup founders and general attendees. Utilizing the features in SoSha’s platform, How To Web expanded its reach with nearly 300 user-generated posts from highly networked attendees. These posts included the key details the organization wanted to convey about the upcoming How to Web conference while still sounding relatable. As a result, each post that the speakers shared about the event brought in on average nearly 4 new visits on the How To Web event sign-up page.

An example of posts created for conference speakers by the How to Web team.

“At How to Web, we use an omnichannel approach, so each channel is very valuable in driving awareness and growth. Overall SoSha drove many visits to our website and it was extremely valuable to our omnichannel approach”, emphasized Andreea.

Once the toolkits were distributed, individuals who shared the content had the ability to personalize posts to suit their own unique voice before posting on social media. To promote sharing by speakers and mentors, posts featured their pictures, as personalizing a post fits with the core of social media, which is about connecting on a personal level.

After receiving their individualized posts, many attendees customized the content further.

Most posts found their home on LinkedIn, where most shares garnered 50 to 200 engagements each. As a result, the How to Web team successfully spread the word about the conference through a network of trusted messengers. The team found the SoSha sharing process to be much smoother and more intuitive than other platforms they had used previously for people to share. “We have used tools like this beforehand, and we always received questions about what button to push, etc. With SoSha, we didn’t receive any questions, we just shared it and many more people asked, ‘where is my social sharing toolkit?’” remarked Andreea.

Through SoSha toolkits, users can craft distinct posts that seamlessly blend the organization’s key messaging with individuals’ personal touches. In a world crowded with paid ads and conventional marketing methods, SoSha’s approach allows you to grab people’s attention and promote your events efficiently.

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Written by: Areti Livanos, Email Marketing Lead




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