Team Spotlight: Isaiah Francois

3 min readJul 19, 2021

Learn more about SpeechifAI’s Frontend Lead, Isaiah Francois

Isaiah smiling while sitting on a dark brown couch with a white short sleeved collared shirt.
Isaiah Francois in Clermont, FL

Meet Isaiah, SpeechifAI’s frontend lead.

He leads all functional aspects of the SpeechifAI platform that you can visually see: the AI, the backend, the technical features we see in real-time, and much more. Isaiah’s job is to bring all the background technical aspects together and make everything user-friendly, ensuring it is displayed smoothly and seamlessly.

From a young age, he was always involved with tech-related things. Through middle and high school, he watched his dad repair computers and routers, frequently watching tech come in and out of his home. Then, at one point, Isaiah decided he wanted to learn more about what was actually in the computers he watched his father bring back to life. “How does it come together like this? We can see gears running, we can see the computer booting up, but how is that working? How is it put together?” Questions like this burned in his inquisitive young mind and led to his own work on computers and soon after, coding.

Isaiah earned his education at Lambda School, an online coding, web development, and data science boot camp known for its curriculum and quality instructors in the tech world. His career began with freelancing and working with the U.S. Military.

At SpeechifAI, his work combines his passion for computers and tech with his desire to help companies’ work seamlessly online.

Check out our Q&A with Isaiah below:

Let’s start out with a fun fact about yourself that people may not know.

“I’m a jazz musician. I’ve played the saxophone for 8 years. I started in 6th grade and have continued since.”

What do you think is one of the most challenging things about your work with SpeechifAI?

“The most challenging thing is adapting to the environment—taking in designs as fast as possible and then implementing them into the frontend quickly. When new features come out, a new design has to be made, which means some pieces can’t be implemented immediately. So, I do this by taking parts of the design and breaking it down, and building out.”

What has been your proudest moment at SpeechifAI or just in life?

“Some of my proudest moments would be hearing feedback from clients when a product is done. It feels great. Seeing everything come together piece by piece is just a great thing.”

Where do you see the future of frontend developments if you could paint it?

“Frontend development will continue to flourish across different industries and the main reason is that everything is continually going online. Companies are rebranding and updating their apps. Bigger companies are continuing to make changes and smaller companies are coming onto the web.”

Last question, what’s a quote or piece of advice you live by?

“Work smarter not harder”

To stay up to date on the work Isaiah is doing at SpeechifAI, check out our platform updates blog post.

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Written by: Kiayna O’Neal, Content & Communications Lead




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