How Two Grassroots Organizers Reached 24 Million Impressions In 4 Days!

3 min readOct 16, 2020


Image created by: Ioana Zberea

It’s 1:00 am and you’re hunched over your computer putting together a Google Doc as your digital toolkit for your activists to use first thing in the morning. Your eyes are closing and you were ready to go to bed hours ago. As the election gets closer you wince at the thought of future nights like this. You tell yourself that you can get through it because it’s only a couple more months. A couple more stressful sleepless nights…

This is exactly how Michelle and Patti from FieldTeam6 felt. Two women who worked tirelessly to assist their fellow activists in spreading the word about important issues through social media. They spent late nights putting together content in Google Docs for their activists to easily share. This drained their energy to do anything else — let alone have time to find a solution to make this process easier.

In May of 2020, Michelle and Patti had reached a point where they knew they needed to find another way. They needed something to assist in writing and organizing posts to make it even easier for their activists to share. SpeechifAI offered just that!

“You gave us back 56 minutes per Toolkit,” Patti commented when reminiscing on the success and impact of their campaign with SpeechifAI.

Simplification, Intelligence, and Flexibility

SpeechifAI is an AI-powered tool that helps activists create social media posts for digital campaigning. FieldTeam6 created campaigns with posts that would be completely ready for activists to share. See how easy it is for yourself: click here. By using SpeechifAI to craft posts, they took away the stress of posting and created an easy way for people to express themselves. The FieldTeam6 posts empathize and emphasize the passion that their activists have.

“SpeechifAI is an essential and affordable tool for any grassroots organizer who wants to effectively move the needle on social media,” Michelle commented when asked about FieldTeam6’s experience.

Share Your Digital Rally Toolkit in Your Website

With the assistance of SpeechifAI, Michelle & Patti redefined the way to distribute social media messaging in a virtual rally toolkit. Embedding the social media posts directly into their website has enabled activists to easily post without having to struggle with a document which was originally said to be “confusing, cumbersome and extraordinarily time-consuming.”


FieldTeam6’s first campaign with SpeechifAI was a tweetstorm for virus-free voting. Before using any digital campaign platform, FieldTeam6 was impressed with results when their campaigns reached one million impressions. However when they changed their tactics and used SpeechifAI, their campaigns reached record numbers. Within four days of launching their SpeechifAI campaign, there had been 3,587 tweets with 15,359 retweets. These tweets had an impact of 24,426,819 impressions! Numbers like these used to be unimaginable, and FieldTeam6 can now expect results like these with each campaign.

SpeechifAI allowed for Michelle and Patti to create successful virtual rally toolkits that reached more activists than they could ever have imagined. They were able to spend less time creating social media posts, yet have greater results.

“We were not only impressed with the platform but with the people, the pricing, and the agility of the platform. The amount of care, customer service, responsiveness is nothing I have experienced, and I am pretty experienced. I would highly recommend their platform to anyone with that mission,” said Michelle.

Are you feeling the same way?

If you are struggling with building digital toolkits similar to the way Michelle and Patti did, reach out to us. We are here to assist digital activists in giving them the tools to make an impact on their campaigns.




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