How SpeechifAI Uses the Power of Employees to Drive Company Branding

SpeechifAI can be a valuable, “one-stop-shop” for HR and marketing professionals looking to organically engage current and prospective employees

4 min readMay 3, 2022

A company’s greatest asset is its employees. Engaged, brand-passionate employees boost overall productivity, generate free, authentic brand awareness, and make attracting new talent even easier.

HR and marketing executives utilize a variety of strategies, from social media marketing to employee satisfaction surveys, to boost brand awareness and engage with both current and prospective employees.

However, the success of these strategies can vary. Executives can spend immense time and resources conducting employee engagement surveys, offering referral incentives, and drafting social media copy for official company accounts. And in this current labor market where companies face ever-increasing competition to attract talent, companies cannot afford to ignore the power of their greatest asset: their employees.

As studies and surveys have shown, one of the best ways to attract talent and craft a positive brand reputation is to empower employees to use their voices to highlight the work they’ve done and the people they work with.

Here are a few reasons why employee branding and referral marketing are so important to prioritize, and how SpeechifAI’s easy-to-use toolkit can help your company truly harness the power of its employees.

Emphasizing Employee Trust & Authenticity on Social Media

The social media landscape is dominated by influencers and brands, yet personal connections and networks are who people listen to online.

In Edelman’s 2022 Trust Barometer, an annual survey of respondents from across the U.S. and the world, people were more likely to trust community members, colleagues, and co-workers over CEOs, the media, and politicians. The same survey found employee voices 3x more credible than the CEO’s on the topic of working conditions.

And when it comes to attracting talent, these personal connections and networks hold even more weight. Companies like LinkedIn and Glassdoor have built entire business models off of the increased demand for insider perspectives on company culture.

The future of brand awareness, referral traffic, and employee engagement on social media lies in encouraging authentic interactions with employees. SpeechifAI embraces the power of organically shared content, emphasizing interactive and customizable solutions to give people a voice online.

We help your brand build credibility by enabling your employees to share job advertisements and in-house marketing resources via their LinkedIn accounts, along with other major social media platforms. Here are just a few of the key metrics highlighting SpeechifAI’s employee-based approach via traditional social media marketing:

  • SpeechifAI generates on average 17 clicks per employee share on LinkedIn.
  • Our campaigns generate up to 5 times more shares than static share buttons.
  • We generate up to 10 times higher conversion rates than digital advertising.
A sample of our sharing toolkit provides a centralized, “one-stop-shop” platform that allows for the use of organic social media posting from employees and pre-approved assets and language from your company’s recruitment managers. Here’s a link to the toolkit!

Empowering Employees to Promote Their Work and Company Brand

Building and maintaining your company’s reputation and branding have never been more important than now.

According to a survey by LinkedIn, 80% of talent acquisition managers believe that employer branding has a significant impact on the ability to source and hire great talent.

Moreover, Harvard Business Review found that companies with poorer reputations on average pay 10% more per hire. The repercussions of ignoring your company’s reputation online go beyond just losing prospective talent, it can affect your company’s bottom line.

The main way to tackle this problem? Once again, it’s employee engagement.

But how to do that? The answer lies somewhere between letting employees post entirely autonomously and unplanned, and using the company’s social media marketing resources for all the heavy lifting.

SpeechifAI combines these two approaches, providing a centralized, “one-stop-shop” platform that allows for the use of organic social media posting from employees and pre-approved assets and language from your company’s recruitment managers.

Employees want to talk about the great work they’re doing and the amazing teams they work with, but they may not know where to start with their post drafting and could be afraid of saying something off-brand. SpeechifAI lowers the barriers for employees to share their experiences online, and use their unique voices and perspectives on projects while building your brand.

Providing the Ultimate Tool for Brand Campaigns and Tracking

SpeechifAI provides a centralized toolkit for hiring and marketing executives to draft and launch branding or referral campaigns, and for employees to access them. Here are a few of the key features our platform provides to boost your company’s online branding initiatives:

  • SpeechifAI posts can accommodate a variety of multimedia including videos and GIFs, meaning less time assembling assets and more time launching campaigns.
  • We employ artificial intelligence technology informed by social media best practices to provide real-time suggestions on how to facilitate and advance your campaign’s success. From emojis to punctuation, we make drafting posts for your employees quick and optimized.
  • Tracking the success of any campaign is critical for iteration and improvement. SpeechifAI automatically generates an analytic insights dashboard for every campaign created, providing an easy method for measuring audience engagement with your SpeechifAI campaigns and tracking conversions.
  • The dashboard includes key metrics for campaign success, such as the number of clicks, shares, and unique visits by users your campaign receives over time.

If you’re interested in learning more about SpeechifAI and how we can help your company, campaign, or organization give people a voice on social media, head to our website.

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Written by: Michael Roach, Content & Communications Lead




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