How an Advocacy Org Went from 50 User-Generated Posts to 15,000 every Month

3 min readJul 14, 2023

Since SpeechifAI’s launch, we have worked with our customers to showcase the true power of organic social sharing. Field Team 6 stands out as a remarkable power user, helping to register nearly 2.9 million new Democrats in swing states since 2019. SpeechifAI simplifies social media management for organizations and nonprofits by providing a platform for uploading posts and leveraging organic shares.

In the world of social media, Field Team 6 has proven the potential of organic sharing with SpeechifAI. Generating nearly 200,000 posts shared by their community since January 2021, their efforts have yielded an estimated marketing value of $7 million. Field Team 6 showcases how SpeechifAI can fuel organic growth and amplify an organization’s message without the reliance on costly digital ads. Powered by advanced AI technology, it enables users to achieve diverse marketing goals through user-generated content.

Before SpeechifAI entered the picture, they relied on a small group of volunteers to share about their mission. With only a few hundred followers, the team was learning how to do social media from scratch. “We had no idea of what was possible,” explained Dale Roy Robinson, Chief Operating Officer of Field Team 6. “At the time, we weren’t paying attention to impressions and other metrics — we focused on keeping a small core of volunteers up to date on our events.”

When they adopted SpeechifAI, Field Team 6 witnessed a monumental shift in their organic sharing. From January 2021 onwards, the organization generated an astonishing 120,000 organic clicks and an estimated 1 billion impressions through user generated content facilitated by SpeechifAI toolkits — the impact was undeniable.

The organization transformed from reaching a small group of volunteers to generating 200,000 posts. The key to their success lies in their dedication to their community. One comitted volunteer, Deb Verla, started leading Zoom training sessions on how to share posts via the SpeechifAI social share toolkit and answered users’ questions. By creating a community event, people felt like they were a part of a group effort and making a positive change. Deb now leads a small team of volunteers who lead recurring Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram training sessions.

“The training went beyond the use of SpeechifAI and turned into a social media community. We had celebrities, with thousands of followers, to the everyday volunteers — sometimes with very little social media experience — join our training sessions,” explained Dale. Once volunteers attended a training, they didn’t have to return for another session. Assets were constantly added to the toolkit, so people could easily share new posts every week.

An example of Field Team 6’s training sessions led by volunteers

The election cycle of 2022 further illustrates their success; from August to October 2022, they generated 14,500 posts per month via the SpeechifAI platform — a 3,500% increase when compared to the year prior.

For organizations starting out with SpeechifAI, the key is building community — try hosting weekly or bi-weekly get-togethers so that people can learn from each other and feel like they’re part of a team. Posts should also have a positive call to action as people want to help make a difference. Dale added, “If you’re an organization interested in being here for the long term fight, make sure your messages are positive and make people want to participate.”

Field Team 6’s success story is a testament to the transformative nature of SpeechifAI. It’s more than just a digital organizing tool; it allows you to strengthen your community. With time, dedication, and an understanding of who they were reaching, FT6 harnessed the power of organic social sharing, achieving remarkable success.

Our tool facilitates community building in a digital world all while saving money in comparison to traditional advertising. To see how SpeechifAI can strengthen your community, tune into one of Field Team 6’s training sessions here! You can also reach out to Dale on Twitter.

Written by: Areti Livanos, Email Communications Lead




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