A Grassroots Organization Generated Organic Social Media Traffic Worth $5.7 Million

4 min readMar 1, 2021


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2020 will forever be a historic year. One of its memorable moments was the United States Presidential Election.

Tired of the 3:00 am “breaking news” tweets, DemCast knew they had to do all they could to get people out and vote to not have a repeat of the last four years. DemCast is an organization that aims to cultivate, amplify & maximize the impact of grassroots digital media, bolstering blue electoral and policy victories at all levels of government, across America. They strive to inform and inspire their audiences through social media.

DemCast’s Strategy

Knowing how important their efforts would be leading up to the 2020 Presidential Election, DemCast recognized that they needed to take a step away from their traditional Google Doc toolkits. They used SpeechifAI to create impressive digital toolkits quickly and easily for their activists. To access the toolkits, activists visited a web page where posts were already made for them, waiting to be shared. All they had to do is choose the one they liked, personalize it, and share.

Through their campaigns, DemCast’s mission was to help progressive organizations learn how to tell their story and show how impactful someone can be through social media. When people come together their actions and words are stronger, and they are more likely to create change.

The Results

From July 2019 to November 2020, DemCast created 57 toolkits. These campaigns generated over 32,600 shares and 35,900 clicks. For every hundred people who landed on a DemCast toolkit, 169 posts were shared. Each original tweet that was composed and shared via SpeechifAI generated on average 28,000 impressions.

One of the things that connects Twitter communities together is hashtags. Adding a hashtag to a tweet allows for the tweet to be included in a larger conversation. In the run-up to the election, DemCast had an outstanding achievement by having over 800,000 users use their unique hashtags. These hashtags were promoted through the toolkits created with SpeechifAI, which allowed DemCast to generate organic social media traffic worth $5.7 million.

At a glance:

  • 57 toolkits launched between July 2019 and November 2020
  • People using the toolkits generated over 32,600 shares and 35,900 clicks
  • 1.69 user/share ratio: which means that for every hundred people who landed on the toolkit, 169 shares happened
  • An average of 28,800 impressions per original tweets
  • Overall tweets generated over 800 million impressions
  • The toolkits generated social media traffic worth $5.7 million

What’s Next

DemCast strives to be that reliable source of information for its audience to combat misinformation. Now that the election is over, DemCast hopes to educate people further and update the public on what Joe Biden’s 100-day agenda is and how it's being accomplished. They also will take increased action in supporting voter education and registration. DemCast will rely on the SpeechifAI platform to create well crafted timely messages for its audiences. Going forward they will be using direct messaging more because they believe that people will create more important conversations amongst friends and family that way.

Lori Coleman, Cofounder at DemCast USA

“SpeechifAI has made it so much easier to disseminate social media talking points to supporters and to tell what messages and images are resonating with people. Our users universally tell us how much easier it is to share talking points they know are on message and to customize them with their personality.” — Lori Coleman, Cofounder at DemCast USA

Tips For Fellow Digital Activists

Creating content that people want to share is not easy. DemCast utilizes SpeechifAI because our intelligent writing assistant helps them optimize their tweets. The assistant suggests adjustments to line breaks, hashtags, emojis, punctuation marks, sentiment, and the use of capitalized words. These suggestions can help create a more successful tweet for your activists.

DemCast also became aware of how important it is to keep the text of tweets short and to have a graphic or video included with almost every post to help narrate the story that they are trying to tell. They also discovered that it was important to not be afraid to try new strategies for campaigns. Audiences might not be as engaged from one campaign to another, so each story told through a post shouldn’t be the same either.

With SpeechifAI, DemCast was able to give their activists a voice and track the impact of their campaigns. If you’re interested in building strong campaigns and digital toolkits, reach out to us. We’re here to help!

Written by: Charlotte Hinrichs




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