2023 SoSha Wrapped

4 min readDec 30, 2023

As 2023 comes to an end, SoSha proudly reflects on a journey marked by platform advancements, key partnerships and an exciting name change. We’ve compiled a summary to revisit the most engaging social platforms, topics, and content shared in 2023, showcasing how this organic approach can pave the way for an even more impactful 2024, without the hefty advertising costs!

Power of Organic Sharing

With nearly 200,000 user-generated posts in 2023, the SoSha community created social content worth an estimated marketing value of $16 million.¹ Your messages resonated far and wide, generating an estimated 2.5 billion social media impressions. Together, we’ve proven that the strength of a community isn’t just about numbers — it’s about the immense impact created when voices unite, sparking conversations that transcend boundaries and create tangible impact.

Highest Performing Social Networks

On SoSha, every social share holds the power to steer traffic toward your initiative, be it an event, press release, or petition. We found that X (previously Twitter) was the most successful in driving traffic to your sites, with an average of 3.48 clicks per share, followed by LinkedIn with 2.83, and Facebook with 0.750.² These numbers showcase each platform’s impact in engaging audiences and transforming user generated content into meaningful interactions.

Impactful Themes

An example of one of the most shared images of 2023.

Leveraging your organization’s online community’s strength is invaluable amidst the digital noise and the impact of genuine, organic sharing extends across all industries. Our analysis of the top 50 shared posts highlights political activism, social justice advocacy, and professional event promotions as the most popular themes. From initiatives like voter registration and fundraising to championing causes like gun reform, racial justice, and LGBTQ+ rights, these topics resonated deeply within our users’ communities, driving significant engagement and reach.

Moreover, the top-performing posts in 2023 taught us a few key best practices: they got people involved by urging action — signing petitions, joining events, or supporting causes. These posts made you feel part of something bigger, tapping into shared values and sparking a sense of empowerment. They also hit home with real emotions, telling stories that resonate across audiences.

We share what is important to us — posts that reach to emotions stand out.

Power Users

This year, our users amazed us with the impact of their toolkits, igniting discussions on topics close to their hearts. Hats off to some of our top social sharing champions: Field Team 6, DemCast in the United States, and noÁr in Europe– a huge congratulations to their teams for generating the highest volume of shares among our community in 2023! Notably, Field Team 6 built the toolkit that generated the most shares in 2023, utilizing an evergreen approach that continuously updates resources, ensuring ongoing engagement.

AI for Social Engagement

This year, we introduced our AI-powered social copy-writer, which is used by three quarters of our active customers to craft posts for their toolkits. One popular feature is the ability to generate content in one specific tone of voice. In 2023, the most popular tones on SoSha have been: persuasive, witty, and personal. The social-copywriter learns from the performance of the posts shared via our platform to help organizations create the most engaging shareable content for their communities. A few of our customers have even started fondly speaking of our platform as the ‘algorithm killer’ for creating posts that outsmart tricky social media algorithms.

Organic Social for Public Relations

This year, our partnership with PR Newswire led to the creation of a one-of-a-kind organic sharing solution for PR professionals: Social Boost. Launched in September, this game-changing social media amplification tool helps PR professionals generate engagement on press releases, already used by Fortune 500 companies and U.S. government agencies.

Moving Forward

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of the new SoSha platform — which will include exciting features like the ability to share on Threads and TikTok! Drawing inspiration from invaluable feedback from the SoSha community, our team worked hard to design a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Exclusive roll-out will begin in January with a group of selected users.

Anticipating 2024, we foresee an increase in the use of organic sharing to share PR materials while event promotion and advocacy persist as central themes in the most shared posts on SoSha. In the campaign and nonprofit sector, we’ll see a boost in the number of organizations using SoSha for fundraising and voter registration drives within the context of the 2024 election year in the United States. We are excited to see the new toolkits that will shape the year ahead!

Written by: Areti Livanos, Social Marketing Lead

[1]: Estimated marketing value is based on the social impressions and clicks generated from posts shared through SoSha.

[2]: Click Per Share (CPS) ratio measures clicks per social media share. It reflects content engagement and the share’s effectiveness in driving traffic to websites or specific content.




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